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I have and will enter some writing competitions, I thought I would share my submissions here. Feedback is welcome. Thank you for reading.

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Competition:  The NYC Flash Fiction Challenge

Requirements:  Less than 1000 words, 48 hours to write it, using the prompt they give you.  (Mine was:  Genre-Romance, Location-supermarket, object-digital camera)

Note: I enrolled in this competition under my real name (Not my pen name of Elle)

Secret Shopper

Chris wasn’t sure what had come over him. He rushed around the kitchen, plucking discarded items out of the trash, whipping open cupboards, and rummaging through drawers. But by the time he walked into Miller’s Supermarket he was ready to go grocery shopping. His biggest help was the half crumpled receipt from a few weeks ago. This would give him brand names to search for. He started in produce, thinking back to the meals Ellen made for them lately. Meat, potatoes and a vegetable. Most commonly, a salad of some sort. Lately, she had been making them with kale. He didn’t even realize that kale, which he thought was a garnish, was eatable till she had started to cook with it. He searched for the biggest head he could find but then realized that it wasn’t the best choice. She never brought home kale with wilted edges. He traded it for a smaller, healthier looking bunch.

He filled the carriage with lemons, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and zucchinis. Expertly, he thought, choosing them for their color or size. Watermelon was in season as were most of his favorite fruits, he chose them carefully, the way Ellen always did. It took him a minute of scanning the bins before he found pomegranates. Something he didn’t care for but she loved. He picked up two of them and put them in his carriage before starting down the grocery aisles.

On to breakfast where they hadn’t had a fruity marshmallow cereal in their house since their children were little. He reached for the heart healthy box of O’s that tasted pretty good with sliced banana on top. Around the corner he found the tea bags, Ellen was always drinking a cup of tea of some sort. Overwhelmed by the number of choices in front of him, he now reached for his secret weapon. From his pocket he pulled out his digital camera and scrolled through the playback till he found the picture of the cabinet packed full with coffee and tea. He matched the photo on the screen to the box on the shelf then tossed it into the carriage.

The meat department was his favorite stop, what guy didn’t love window shopping for red meat? He knew she was buying more chicken than beef these days and he steered clear of the sale on T-bone steaks. The butcher persuaded him to try the store made sausages stuffed with meat and veggies. A choice he hoped Ellen would approve of. In the frozen food section he picked up the healthy TV dinners she always brought to work for herself.

At the registers he found himself smiling as he remembered to pull the two coupons out of his pocket in time for the cashier to use them. Ellen would have brought a stack of them with her, matching them up with the store sales. For an infrequent shopper Chris knew he had done well. He bagged up the groceries, the only job he was sure he was doing right, and headed home.

Ellen met him at the back door. “Where have you been?” She asked, she had been out with their daughter for lunch when he had left for his secret mission.

Chris’ smile lit up his face as he pulled the bags from the trunk and started into the house. “I went grocery shopping.” He said it as if it were the most common thing he ever did.

“By yourself?” She held open the door and watched as he set the bags on the counter. “But why?” They had been married a long time and he had never been one for shopping unless she was sick or out of town.

He didn’t answer right away but rather looked through the bags till he found what he was searching for. He pulled out the pomegranate and showed it to her.

“Because I love you.”

Note: This is a multi layer competition.  Sometime in September, I will be awarded points and also a 2nd prompt for writing.  My combine points of round 1 & 2 will determine if I move on to the final two rounds.

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Very sweet <3